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  analogMeter a behavior script to realize a simple analog meter (progress, percentage...) in just one sprite trails behavior singleSprite line
  behaviorFinder how to get all the sprites numbers of the sprites with a certain behavior attached to them to be in a list behaviorTalk sprites communication
  behaviorTalk when can a sprite receive a message and an example of inter-behavior communication sendSprite beginSprite behavior
  brokenUnion the union function in d7 is broken with zero area rects union rect bug
  browserName how to find the installed browser browser
  calcNoWords how can i get the line number of a special word in a textfield? field offset
  case-range how to use the case statement for a range of values case_statement range
  caseSensitive how to compare strings case sensitive strings case_sensitive
  cleanup how to clean up after my objects oop trash communication
  comboBoxbeh A behavior to control a sprite with an activeX-control in it in a way that works without hardcoded Sprite numbers. activeX control
  condense handlers to export or print object properties object properties
  countListElements how to count members in a list sum up list property list addtoProp
  customTimerObj parent scripts which together act as a timeout deluxe TimeOut idle
  dirMMXCrash Why do I have crashes with non-Intel cpu s? DIRMMX crash cpu
  doLimit how big can strings be and how long may be the parameter of a DO? DO strings 32k_limit
  doTest how faster is it when I avoid using DO do performance
  drawLine how to join to arbitrary points with a line line
  duplicated Does the code get duplicated for each instance? bytecode instance scriptObject parentScript
  editableText an editable #text fires updateStages at a high rate while the stillDown. text editable updateStage stillDown
  fakeHypertext how to fake hypertext (prior to d7) strings field mouseword mouseline
  filmLoopInspector how to get properties out of a filmLoop filmLoop
  filmloopFrames how to control the playback of filmLoops filmloop
  findCloser how to decide which of several objects on the stage is nearest animation distance
  findConnection How to find if user is connected to internet connected getNettext environment
  fixMacFonts No matter what I dothe pc side still says it is missing the font geneva font convert mac
  flashBug how to paralyze director with flash members and how to avoid it d7.02 flash memoryLeak bug
  formatSaveTime getting the time (hours:minutes:seconds) regardless of the format time seconds
  formatVal2String how format Strings and symbols doAble list DO
  getNetTextCache getNetText caches downloaded files in the \Temp directory cache getNetText TEMP
  getNetTextMaxChars what is the maximum length for an url used with getNetText? getNetText url
  globalsInspector A MIAW Xtra to navigate explorer-like through your globals. Supports nested object references. MIAW navigate globals
  handlerExists how to call a handler that may or may not exist w/o getting a script error MIAW sendallsprites
  hidingPointer how to make a Global Frame Script and hide the mouse pointer until a move oop cursor
  importWord how to "automatic" way to transform the .DOC files to .RTF richtext text_conversion
  importfileinto Mit importFileInto member ersetzen oder neu erstellen importfileinto
  killbrowser a very simple shockwave closes the browser window it is contained in shockwave close window javascript
  labelText how to find the text of the last marker passed marker label
  list2Handler how to store a list in a handler created on the fly list scripttext
  listLibs path to castLibs filename castLibs
  listStepper How to step through a number of lists in parallel list repeat_loop object stepping
  loopSound how to set a sound as looping from lingo sound loop
  mailtoReg registry key for default email program mailto registry_key
  makeGlobal how to create globals on the fly /from variables and an example of a parent script which creates and voids its own global reference. globals DO
  markerAbfrage Kann mann irgendwie abfragen, ob ein bestimmter Marker im aktuellen oder auch anderen Film existiert marker label
  member_from_stage how to let a MIAW use a member which belongs to the stage MIAW member
  objectEvents how can an object receive startmovie/stopmovie events while travelling through a series of scriptless movies? oop startmovie event scriptless_movie
  oddVar testing if a var is odd odd
  oopSuicide how to create globals on the fly /from variables and an example of a parent script which creates and voids its own global reference. OOP memory trash
  oopTalk communication between Objects oop communication
  opener How do you protect your (swf) files?? And: dirOpener, xenap flash protect decompile extract dirOpener
  postNetText how to store data with postNetText postNetText cgi netLingo highscore
  postNetText_PHP postNetText() won't submit form data to php postNetText php perl bug cgi
  protecting How do I create dxr file? compacting protecting project backup
  ramEater is there a memory leak when frequently setting the member of sprite? memory unload freebytes
  randomHandler call up certain handlers randomly do call random
  randomList how make random things appear on random positions list random
  recursion recursion and an example recursion
  replaceInString how to substitute numbers for letters in a string strings replace
  rightMouseEvents There is a bug in d7.0 with right mouse events sent to behaviors which also effects left hander mouse setups d7.0 behaviors left-hander shockwave
  rtf2field how to convert richtext members to field members richtext field text_conversion
  safeGlobal where to store a global object reference so it will survive a clearglobals? globals clearglobals
  saveGlobals how to exclude some globals to be voided by clearglobals? globals clearglobals
  save_object how to such out an objects properties in order to save them and restore the object later to its current state oop save/restore properties
  scanBitmap how to use getPixel and setPixel undocumented functions in d7 for scanning a bitmap line by line getpixel setpixel sinewave
  scanFolder how faster is it when I avoid using getNthFilenameInFolder files getNthFilenameInFolder performance
  scoreRecorddemo How to create a number of markers in the score according an external text list score recording scoreRecording Marker frameLabel
  scrambleList how to scramble a linear list list random
  scriptFun a collection of examples why the current state of the script editor is a shame script_editor bug
  scriptProperties how to use script properties with movie scripts property movie_script oop script
  seconds_test systemDate.seconds is not very reliable systemDate seconds
  spriteCreation creating sprites on the fly without placeholders dynamic sprites
  spriteGroup how to moving sprites together as a group and an example of inter-Behavior communication sprites BehaviorTalk
  spriteNames how to acces sprites by symbolic names? sprites naming_sprites
  storList how to storing property lists overnight list list2Field
  sumList how to calculate the sum of a list of numbers list sum
  swaPlay how to play swa files in a projector swa
  symbols why appear symbold in uppercase/lowercase and a simple parent script to test if a symbol existed already before it was created by the test itself symbols
  timeService retrieve a time stamp from a public time service getNetText time
  uniqIdObj an object which creates unique and compact symbols unique symbol object
  unique how to create unique strings for frame label names unique label marker strings
  validMember how to find if a member reference points to a valid member member
  vertexEdit demo of editing vector Shapes at runtime vectorShape
  wav_to_swa_batch vbscript to automatize that "one chunk after another" - swa conversion swa wav d7 wsh batch vbscript
  windowKiller how to close another application window from a director movie close application window
  xtraList which XTRAS changed in 7.02 / how to find out version info d7.02 xtraList xtras
  xtra_Menue How does Director decide to display xtras in the xtras menu? xtras

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