the union function in d7 is broken with zero area rects
union rect bug

  broken union
Is it possible that the union() function is broken in 7.02?

Dfw 6.5, NT4Sp4, AMD K6-II, 96MB Ram:

-- Welcome to Director --
put union (rect (1,1,1,1),rect (10,10,10,10))
-- rect(1, 1, 10, 10)

Same in DfW 7.02:

-- Welcome to Director --
put union (rect (1,1,1,1),rect (10,10,10,10))
-- rect(0, 0, 0, 0)

I rebooted the box, tried it again. It's real.

Could anyone please check/confirm this?
Best regards

Daniel Plaenitz

>>Same result here. DfW 7.02:
>>-- Welcome to Director --
>>put union (rect (1,1,1,1),rect (10,10,10,10))
>>-- rect(0, 0, 0, 0)
>Checked and confirmed, Mac G3, dir 7.02
>It seems to work with rectangles of non-zero area though. (ie
>How did you find this out?

Ah thanks, zero-area is the problem. This at least explains why I didn't 
see it earlier. 

I#m building a group of behaviors which detect clicks and mouseMovements 
in a grid and select areas accordingly. If there is no selection, the 
shape with reverse ink disappears in a zero area rect. (Why shoot it 
offstage if its current position is still a valuable information?) Now 
I tried to select a range of cells in that grid by setting the shapes 
rect to union(myRect,newRect) Which worked in d6, but failed now.

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