is there a memory leak when frequently setting the member of sprite?
memory unload freebytes

At 16:47 03.03.99 -0500, Bill Shander wrote:
>Didn't search the archives because I got the poop from Macromedia
>Don't try set the member of sprite x = y too many times.  

the number of times is irrelevant. The number of different members is the only 
variable that counts.

D6.0-6.5 will
>eat RAM byte by byte and can't free it up again (unload is worth diddly)

as long as you remain in one and the same movie. Change to another movie by 
go movie "xy" and you have all the freebytes again.

>if you do this too many times over a certain period of time.  

Again, there is no too many times over a certain period time.
Here is a test movies to check it yourself (dfw 6.5) (ca. 150 k)


>people, you're screwed with a large amount of graphics, rollovers, etc.

kokolores. Don't make monster movies a la all-in-just-one-file. 

>The solution?  Upgrade to D7 where a whole bevy of other bugs awaits, I
Or else, test. (tested with p1,dfw 6.02, dfw 6.5, (author), shockwave 7)

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