Shocklet Gallerie - pacman mutant munches candy asteroids

  The start idea was to have a bug walk across the stage to the first heap of food, eating it up, next walking to the next closest heap, eating it, next ... One method to decide which heap is next uses the theorem of pythagoras.
While the basic handler is really simple in praxi you'll need another line of lingo here and there. The ShockLet below loops on a frame and has two behavior scripts - one for the hunter which has a method to collect all victim's sprites via a sendallsprites() call and some lingo to have that sprite move on an bezier path.
The candies on the other hand have a behavior that makes thm move around on linear paths until they get mesmerized by a hungry something...
the moments a candy gets eaten the hunter decides upon whom to take next.
The stage of this ShockLet is 800 x 600, so you may want to resize your browser window and hit reload - only 12k as dcr.
Download the director file as a *.zip archive.
Prefer trig? Look at the pixel galaxy.

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Daniel Plänitz