some tips how to...


atomic time
i'm trying find information on how to get results from internet
bouncing ball
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cdRom to video conversion
> We have been doing an interactive presentation CD-ROM for a company, and
Changing Sprites on the fly
You need what I call the 'card shuffle' script. Attach this script to each
char replacement
Here's a little utility script for taking an input string and replacing
constraining sprites
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 20:16:40 EDTFrom: John Dowdell Subject: Re: Circular Slider Code...Richard Schedl
Creating variables with variables
detect rollover of irregular sprites
John Dowdell wrote:"don't know of a way to achieve that offhand"Oh the thrill of coming up with something John
detect which direction the cursor moves
Director don't do no stinkin' decimals. ?
downloading with shockwave
The idea is to use the 'externalEvent' command to trigger a JavaScript
dynamic properties
field scrolling behavior
>Has anyone accomplished an input field that scrolls as the user types?
field text colors / 8, 16, 2 bit
Just to summarize a very often asked question :text color of field members (either foreColor and backColor) ar
filmloop playback handler
I know of no obscure lingo to question a filmloop whether its finished.
frame rate behavior
Just sharing a little code here...
Hotspots and sound
>>1: Is it possible to define 'hotspots' (like>on an image map) on a cast member? or would>you have to break t
intersecting sprites
jd's z-sort behavior
I don't know "the best" Z-sorting approach... other DIRECT-L listmembers have
Jim Collins shows how ...
media of member and filmloops
> Has anyone else found other good uses or run into problems or limitations> with using the media of ?>> W. Da
miaw and modular code
projector unprotection
puppetsprite ohne Platzhalter
> Actually you can puppet a nonexistent sprite, and it seems to work OK.> Try> puppetsprite emptyC
removing spaces out of a string
resize movie
richtext reformatting
>I have 300+ RTF cast members that I would like to reformat, with a
Richtext to field conversion
Sample for eyes that follow the mouse
>Does anyone have code for Director movie, or a pointer to one, for a set>of eyes that follow the cursor aroun
smoothly moving sprites
>>is it possible to make a>>sprite>>move in a certain angle say 39 degrees.>Here's some code to move a sprite
scrolling text
> Use the height of member prop to get the height of all of the text and> subtract the pageheight from it. Thi
set the stage size by lingo
>it doesn't appear that we can set the stage size on the fly...can anyone
sprite collision
suppressing HandlerNot Defined alert
Here's a neat trick I stumbled upon by reading, of all things, the online docs!
xray-effect - masks
>I have 2 pictures one is a normal photo and 1 is an xray of the photo i>want to drag a small square>over the
Zahlen Runden
>I'm working out a formula for calculating costs, and I want to round off>the resulting number to 2 decimal po