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  FlashObjects Some examples of flash/lingo interaction by Thomas Higgins flash MX lingo getvariable
  animate_gravity how to calculate acceleration gravity
  auto-running how to Auto-running a document instead of an EXE os autorun
  bits_and_byte how to analyse the byte into bits bit byte mod
  browser_detect how to detect browser/OS in javascript javascript detect browser
  browser_version browser version numbers with buddy api browser version buddy
  build_CDi how to build a CDi or music CD with interactive CDi music audio
  cd-ROM_protection CD-ROM copy protection CD-ROM copy protection
  cd_copy_protection links and tips regarding protecting cd cd copy protection
  checking_url how to checking where the shockLet runs movie path url online
  close_browser how to closing browser window when shock has finished javascript shockwave close window
  codeCounter count the number of lines of lingo code Lingolines
  daily_shutdown how to daily shutdown on NT kiosks kiosk NT shutdown registry
  daoOfFoo foo etymology foo fubar
  data_to_shockWave sending data to a shockWave shockwave sending data
  date_bug BUG: date() object calculations BUG date()
  dates how to date() in d7 or with uihelper date uihelper
  dir_bytes starting bytes of director files bytes files
  display_Asian display Asian Characters in director display Asian Characters
  dll_registry Some System DLLs Are Only Seen in the System Directory registry dll fast start projector
  dot_syntax error with missing soundcard dot syntax sound
  dxr_cracker_defense how to protect your file against crackers cracker
  dyn_beh behavior dynamically attached to a sprite created to an empty channel with lingo will remain in the channel behavior dynamically
  editableFields_ReturnKey editable fields and the return key editable fields ReturnKey
  error_205 re 205 Problem reading compuled script error in d7 205
  events there are some events where navigation is not active event go
  externalEvent_problems externalEvent problems externalEvent javascript msie
  fast_start_proj urls of fast start projector technote fast start projector technote
  fill how to do a bucket fill function in lingo fill
  filmloop_lingo long sought-for: how to reach filmloops by lingo filmloop lingo control
  findIlk tree-walk of all global lists and objects and returns the list of all items whose ilk is ilk
  flash_asset how to Flash in director Flash Xtra
  font_embedding how to font embedding font embedding
  illegal_castmember how to work around an "illegal castmember" error error illegal_castmember workaround
  imaging_util Imaging lingo utility Imaging utility
  intersect_circle discussion on how to detect intersections intersection math game
  js_sw javascript / shockwave via external parameter javascript shockwave
  ldm_mouse Director is not (currently) designed to inform linked #movie members when one of the linked sprites is under the mouse ldm mouse
  licensing licensing shockwave flash plugin pricelist licensing shockwave flash plugin pricelist
  mcp Sorensen, media cleaner pro Sorensen media cleaner pro
  mpeg you can not play MPEG in Director for Windows without using MCI, or an Xtra, or possibly the ActiveX Xtra to insert the ActiveMovie ActiveX component. MPEG mci activeX activeMovie
  mpg_players MPG movie in dir MPG movie
  mpg_video how to create a multiple bit-rate mpg video video
  multiuser_server how to send media in d7 Multiuser Server media
  parent_script_name finding the name of a parent script parent script name
  password_lingo how to do a password entry field using a behavior field password
  paste pasteClipBoardInto command completely overwrites the existing member pasteClipBoardInto
  project_management How are multimedia job process carried out project management
  qtw_vers QuickTime Version Function with buddy api QuickTime Version Function
  secure Security of Projectors and Protected Casts steal crack supply
  send_vs_call direct messaging and broadcasting and how to protecting a behavior from inadvertent broadcast messages send call d4 d5 d6 behavior
  shockmachine development guide for Director 8 Link to an article which explains how to optimize and publish Director 8 Shockwave movies for use with Shockmachine 1.0 and 2.0. d8 shockmachine docu
  sound What are pros and cons for using a inserted SWA and sound playFile to play a SWA sound file sound playFile swa streaming puppetsound
  sound_win Sound Latency on Windows sound
  sprite_manager parent script for a sprite manager sprite manager
  swaloop SWA looping SWA looping audio d8
  system32_dll_error this error is often related to graphics driver system32.dll error NT
  textBeh select line text listing text select
  text_center behavior to center text vertically centering text vertically
  text_formatting controls regarding rich text formatting on windows ocx activeX RTF
  text_prop undocumented text properties #smallcaps and #allcaps. text properties smallcaps allcaps undocumented
  text_ref using ref is really fast compared to doing string processing ref text
  tool_evaluation how to decide which software tool fits best tool evaluation
  tracking_variables how to Tracking variables in runtime variables runtime
  upload-bitmap how to to upload a file using asp asp upload bitmap servre
  value Evaluation of handlers using value() handlers value
  vectorShape_draw_line how to draw a line using a vectorShape member draw line vectorshape
  vector_shapes experiences with vector shapes in d7 vector speed d7
  w98_fast_start_proj w98: Some System DLLs Are Only Seen in the System Directory. This could disturb fast start projectors fast start projector w98 msvcrt.dll registry
  webpage_opening how to open a webpage webpage open
  xor_encryption behavior for XOR encryption XOR encryption

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