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Altan bey and the intergalactic war
From: "izi (izzy) ergil" Subject: altan bey,(I'm sorry to post it here but I can't reach him in a
calculate the No of days - date xtra
>Tab Julius's DateMaster Xtra does inter-date calculation:>I think we need an Xtra that does intra-date calcul
Dealers & Developers
[multiple levels of forwarding removed, author unknown]---------------------------- ---------------------
Re: Dr. Suess does the net
DR.Suess I really love your book
Re: Dr. Suess does the net
Hey guys, I found this while searching the net and thought you might enjoy it. Claire
Re: Dr. Suess does the net
I love Suess!
Dr. Suess does the net
Dr. Suess does the net. (Author Unknown)---------------------------------------- Here's an easy thing to s
FBI - no pizza
he following is a direct quote from the Center for Strategic andInternational Studies report on GLOBAL ORGANIZ
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Re: GirlFriend
: >>i'm trying to find a demo version of any of the girlfriend programs..if anyone has any info on where to fi
GirlFriend Update
>>Subject:Girlfriend upgrade>>-------------------------->>>>Last year, my friend upgraded his GirlFriend 3.1 t
How MilSpecs live forever
How MilSpecs Live Forever- --------------------------The US standard railroad gauge (distance between the rail
How to unsubscribe
From: "Pierre B. Reynolds" Subject: Re: how to unsubscribeTo: Multiple recipients of li
Q: How many MicroSoft TECH SUPPORT PEOPLE does it take to change a light bulb?A: We have an exact copy of the
Ma nishtana ha leila hazeh.
From: George Burns' last book, "100 Years, 100 Stories"Eighty-fourDuring one of my many trips to London, I bec
smacks of urban legend
[Smacks of urban legend. But whatever.]An allegedly true story.....A friend of a guy in the Nutrition School
Welcome to Slug-It-Out-In-Public '98!
Ladies and Gentlemen, children shouldn't be here to witness this!Welcome to Slug-It-Out-In-Public '98! Le
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