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chmod 1
The chmod commandBasically chmod is used to set your permissions. Permissions are used for each file to see wh
chmod 2
PermissionsThere are three levels of access to any file: user, group, and world. Each access level has three p
Database in PERL
forwarding email
their mail sent automatically to the new setup (if you haven't already). To do
getnetText url Length
> Does anyone know how long a URL can I feed to the getNetText command
Re: getnettext() and MSIE
I'm using getnettext() witch works in the *.dir moviebut in the *.dcr in the browser I get an error,errornumbe
getnettext() and MSIE
Netlingo Error Codes
operations in Director 6. Based on a list from Christian Hunt in Macromedia QA in May 1997, Additions from lin
From: jdowdell@macromedia.com (John Dowdell)Subject: Re: mailto continued and importantSender: owner-lingo@pe
Server Result Codes
Shock und perl: Zum Ansehn und downloaden
Grundfunktion zum Ausbaunhttp://www.lingo.de/util/index.html
shockwave und Ausgabe in Dateien
Fred Kahl wrote:>> I have been working on a project where I use Shockwave to send text to a> cgi,writing a fil
Re: shockwave und Ausgabe in Dateien
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urlencode 2
on urlEncode whichString if NOT stringP(whichString) then exit set reservedListASCII = [32, 123, 125, 124, 9
WebSite + CD
>This is twist from the usual hybrid development. I am currently>developing a web site where there is planned
XML - what for?