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For security reasons all File IO in Shockwave are disabled. Now, how could I save informations entered by users of a Shockwave application? Highscore, name & adress, credit card numbers ;)... Use cgi
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    It is possible to send data with an url as a query_string and if this url points to a propper script on your server the data will be processed or stored or sent as email or whatever else you wish there.
Basic Syntax:
  Just a starter. The perl script involved here only echoes the data it receives.
  handling parameters The perl script involved here lists the received name value pairs.
  writing data to a file
  perl to search a text data file for some expression




  Send an eMail from a Shocklet
A Shockwave sending data to a perl-script  which in turn gives them to unix's sendmail to send them via eMail.
  Download a zip-archive with .dir, .pl and readme.txt




    This thingee is meant as an server based equivalent to the local setpref/getpref commands available in shockWave's netLingo
  More info and a ShockLet to test it: webPrefs




  To store and retrieve a highscore-table for a ShockLet both lingo to send, fetch, format and display the HighScore and a cgi to store the data on the server are needed.
  There is a detailed docu and testpage of the perls action: docu


Further Info

  Configuring and installing a perl script on the server
  perl tutorial
  getnettext cache
Every getnetText() downloads the content of its url to the systems TEMP
  getNetText/postNetText url Length
how long a URL can I feed to the getNetText command
  getnettext() and MSIE
  Just learn perl
sources and perl archives
  Netlingo Error Codes
Yet Another Error Code List
  Server Result Codes
  shockwave und Ausgabe in Dateien
I use Shockwave to send text to a cgi, writing a file
  urlencode 2
on urlEncode whichString

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